Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New Year

January and the New Year is here. What is in store for me.
Well, First off I must dig myself out of the snow so that I can make it to the workshop and shake off the cold, grab a cup of tea and settle in to things.
I have heard great news - I have been awarded sponsorship from Cooksons to take part in British Silver Week 2010 so I shall start with preparations and new work for this. The theme is summer time, difficult to think about that when it's -4 outside, but i shall light a fire and get to work!
Next up, where will I work - well I hope to continue my hammering in Zilverstad, Holland in the beautiful Watertoren. I am in persuit of some funding from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to do this. The funding would offer such a opportunity to me. I have designs and concepts that I REALLY want to explore if the funding is successful and until I hear I can't tell you what the new work is about, so keep your fingers crossed.
Next, The show that has been housed in the V&A, Whiteley Galleries since July, displaying my piece Bert (known by the V&A as Hector) - Contemporary Silver -The Bishopsland Fellowship 1979 - 2009 will be moving to the Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh in February. (details to follow)
Next, well that's enough for now, lets leave fate and the New Year's Angel something to create. (all good, happy things please, if you're listening up there) x

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  1. Hi - I came here via the Cloak and Dinner blog - I am privileged to be part of the crew!

    I just wanted to say that your pieces are stunning and I wish you every success.