Friday, 4 March 2011


Our exhibition SIDE x SIDE - EDGE > EDGE has moved again.

SIDE x SIDE – EDGE > EDGE is the latest collection of silverware by Contemporary British Silversmiths and the first exciting collaboration with the Finnish Silversmiths Association and students and staff at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences Institute of Design, the exhibition features 75 pieces of new work designed and made in response to the themed title.

Elizabeth Peers - Celebration

The exhibition was launched, alongside the Silver Trust’s stunning 10 Downing Street collection, at Häme Castle in Hämeenlinna in 4 August 2009. Finland’s oldest castle provided a wonderful contrasting space in which to show contemporary silverware. The first UK venue for the exhibition will be the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro in September 2010.

It is now being displayed at the Capstone Building Hope University, Liverpool.

The Capstone building is a concert venue with impressive public space. Our exhibition is displayed in the upper and lower foyers. Courtney Pine is due to perform there in the next month and will undoubtedly attract a large audience. The first thing visitors will see is the exhibition on arriving and during intermission. Christopher English organised the Goldsmiths’ Company video showing silversmiths at work, which will play throughout the exhibition. There are also some wonderful images of silversmiths at work throughout the display.

The exhibition was opened by Bill Chambers - Pro Vice Chancellor and Alan Whitaker, Head of Fine and Applied Arts at Liverpool Hope University.