Monday, 27 June 2011

Artist Statement

My work has always been inspired by the human form. I am often intrigued by unusual characteristics or markings and am captured by the playfulness of the curves, crevices and creases that delineate our bodies. I use chasing and a free-form raising technique to produce the folds, bulges and undulations that are iconic in my work. Recently my work has developed to incorporate studies of scaring and disfigurement and their inclusive social ramifications. It is a powerful topic; one that I feel deserves greater visibility in today’s materialistic and visual world.

Not only does it provide a platform for the forms and textures of my work, it also provides a rich palette of questions for me to draw inspiration from - questions relating to human nature, social norms, morals, gender and cosmetic aesthetics.

My desire is to encourage people to re-address what they are looking at and consider the reaction it provokes within them. I want my work to make an impact, to inform and fascinate the viewer and to stimulate a conversation. ‘Is it unnatural, repulsive or alluring and beautiful?’

I believe silverware should be held and caressed, just as those with misfortune should be loved and admired.

James, a detail

Elizabeth Auriol Peers

Britannia Silver

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